Coalition Identifies Property for Community Building in Detroit

Santiam Rebuild Detroit Winter Cabin Snow

A community building is just one part of a grand revitalization plan for Detroit. Recent wildfires decimated much of the landscape, homes, and businesses in the city, but the Santiam Rebuild Coalition plans to be one of the groups that will help bring Detroit back and better than ever. On Feb. 17, Rich Duncan of Rich Duncan Construction announced that the property for the new community building had been identified and secured. The site will be located at 345 Santiam AV in Detroit.

Somewhat miraculously, this one large piece of land was left virtually untouched by the wildfires. The coalition shared their vision with the property owner, who then generously donated the land to be the location of a new community center. The coalition hopes the community building will be a place for Detroit and surrounding area residents to meet and begin reconstructing what has been called “Oregon’s playground.”

There is much work to be done to restore Detroit. But Duncan said, “If Detroit doesn’t come back, the canyon cannot come back.” Though more people live in the surrounding communities like Gates and Mill City, Detroit has been the economic driver for all residents in those areas. The widely recognized need for Detroit to be revitalized gives a strong impetus to this project. 

Along with the community building, the new Detroit will include features like a thriving and beautiful downtown with new businesses, a clock tower in the town center, a historical monument, and a visitor’s center. With the help of many construction people, volunteer residents, and other contributors who share a vision of community, the coalition is excited to transform Detroit into a haven of fun. 

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